id you ever dream managing your own Formula SimRacing World Championship team? You don't think you have the necessary resources, time or drivers to do it? The FSR Fantasy League is your chance! Sign-up, form your own team consisting of 4 FSR WC drivers plus 2 reserves within the available budget and start competing against hundreds of other managers from all over the world! Up to 4 of your drivers will score points based on the results of the FSR World Championship races. Now Bono Huis, Rasmus Tali or Morgan Morand could be driving for you! Read more...

Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset

Do you think you have what it takes to become the champion? The 2013 FSR Fantasy League champion will win a Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset!

Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset

Are you too far from the leaders or have you joined late? Don't lose hope, your winning chances are intact until the end of the season! Among all 2013 FSR Fantasy League round winners, we will draw another Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset! Every round you win will earn you a chance!

Latest News

Wim van Velden has won the Round Winners Draw and is the new owner of a Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset! Congratulations! Have a look at the 2013 FSR Fantasy League: Season Analysis. Hope you have enjoyed the 2013 FSR Fantasy League! Thanks for participating!

Franz Schnyder, from Switzerland, has become the 2013 FSR Fantasy League Champion with 926 points! He has won the Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset! Congratulations! Mikko Puumalainen, from Finland, was 2nd on 900 points, while David Dominguez, from Spain, completed the top-3 with 876 points.

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